Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Work

I have been so busy showcasing the work of others that I thought I would share my own.  I hope you enjoy!
Old Forge Fall Foliage- Old Forge Lake Cruise Boat Tour Autumn, Adirondacks New York Mountains
Super Cell- Storm Clouds, Nature Photography
Ranuculus -  Photography Print, Nature Photography,  Fine Art. Flower Photography, Macro Photography, Red Flower
Shriner Clowns, Clown Car, Parade, Fine Art, Photography Art, Nursery Art, Childrens Art, Summer Photography
Tip Top-  Photography Print, Amusement Ride Photography, Amusement Park Photography, Summer Photography


  1. That Fall photo looks like an oil painting. Wonder why it is that the autumnal colours on your side of the Atlantic look so much brighter than they do over here in the UK! Anyhow lovely - all of them.

  2. Is Old Forge in NY? I have been there, and your picture is amazingly beautiful.

  3. What wonderful photography. Great work!!

  4. You take beautiful photos! I'm jealous. I wish I had your talent.

  5. Love all your bright, saturated colors!

  6. Love ALL the pics. My major weakness is photography. I make and sell dolls and no matter what once they receive them they always comment on how the dolls look a lot better than my pics :O( Somehow it always makes me think and believe it hurts my sales. Nice Blog

    1. Thank you. Taking good pictures is all about the lighting. If you can find a way to use natural light, do it. Set up your shot near a window (or near a white wall if it reflects enough window light). If you have a yard and the weather’s nice enough to shoot outside. If you can’t use natural light, be sure to use the white balance function on your camera. You can also use image editing software like Photoshop to clean up your photos after the fact. Play with the color balance to take out any color casts you may have picked up from artificial lighting, and lighten the photos if they’re too dim. This is particularly important if you’re trying to show the color of your item.