Friday, February 28, 2014

Series: Photographers On Etsy: Part

This is the third in a series of Photographers I will be featuring.  Each of the photographers are from Etsy.  Enjoy the interviews and please visit their shops. 

Say hello to Kate Miller of  Katie Kisses The Sky.

The Interview:

What type of photography is your favorite and why?  My favorite type of photography is nature photography: birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, sunsets and various animals. I love capturing nature because it is always beautiful, colorful, inspiring, and I am in awe of the sheer grandeur and vastness of the world we live in.

When did you first start doing photography?    I started doing photography from a very young age, taking my mother's camera whenever I got the chance. In middle school I received a little point-and-shoot that I took everywhere with me.

When you're not shooting photos, how do you spend your time?    When I'm not out taking pictures of whatever I can find or a portrait session, I am enjoying nature. I love going to the beach, kayaking, and hiking. I also love baking and watching movies.

Did you go to school to study photography? If yes, where?  I studied photography at Stevenson University just last year, and plan to continue studying it in the future.

How would you describe your style?  I would describe my style as full of light, soft, romantic and definitely colorful.

What type of camera(s) do you shoot with?  I use a Canon T3i with various different lenses.

And now for some photos:

Fine Art PRINT Butterfly Oasis Series #5 " Sparkling Sands " Rainbow Glitter Beachy Nature Photography Love Beach Summer Home Decor Wall Art

Winter Wonderland #6 "Fierce Feathers" 5x7 PRINT red male northern cardinal snow holiday nature photography bright winter frost bird feather

Fine Art PRINT " Honey Bee " Nature Photography Love Summer Demask Decor Wall Art Fuzzy Buzzing Cute Spring Bumble Purple Flowers Nursery

Photo Card "Winter Wonderland #2" on Premium Embossed Paper Snowy Bird Magical Cute Photography Feathers Fluffy Love Quote Gift Sweet Nature

Butterfly Oasis Series #4 "Beach Butterflies" 8x12 PRINT (Watermark for display purposes ONLY) Beachy Nature Photography Love Beach Summer

If you love what you see, visit Kate's Etsy shop, Katie Kisses The Sky

I hope you enjoyed Kate's interview and photos.  Stay tuned for the next interview in this series.


  1. Oh my goodness! Amazing photos! I love the bird photographs, so beautiful! Coming to you from BlogSpot team. Here is my website:

  2. I love the pictures and the interview. I just started taking pictures. I have a long way to go but as a hobby I'm going to enjoy the process. Stopping by from the blog hop. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you! I will be sure to follow you! I started doing photography as a hobby and now, I can't stop!

  3. I love photography, but I am no where close to being as good as your featured artist. What beauty caught forever for all to see.

  4. Beautiful images. Thank you for bringing such talent to our attention. Photography is also my passion. Stopping by from the BlogSpot Team.